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Those doubts are soon resolved, that are propounded when the Moon and the planet to whom she applies are in signs, having voice, and in the first or third houses, or in opposition of them. - William Lilly (1602.-1681.)

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Where to Find Books on Astrology

Books with horoscopes and the like can be found everywhere - in supermarket checkout lanes or shelves of many bookstores. But the books on real astrology, books that explain different aspects of the art are harder to find.
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Roots of Lunar Astrology

Lunar Astrology is long time neglected area of our astrological interest. Great role of the Moon is frequently overlooked. As even visible sizes of the Sun and the Moon are roughly the same, influence of the Moon exceeds influence of the planets by far.

Sun-Sign-Opposite Considerations
A brief discussion on the rarely- mentioned expanded area of interpretation of a natal chart. It centers around your natal Sun-sign opposite; for example the sign Cancer has its opposite in Capricorn. How then does this come into play when interpretating a Natal chart?

Stock Market Astrology
W D Gann was one of the greatest traders of all time and he used astro charts in trading. He made more than 50 millions dollars from the stock market. His theory was based on Cycles that history repeats itself.

Free Will Astrology Gives You Control
Free Will Astrology is the choice to make choices, the daily changes in our lives are always affected by our free will decisions and the things that happen in our lives. Learn more about Free Will Astrology today.

Celtic Astrology and the Druids
Irish astrology is essentially a Druidical astrology. It is based on a indigenous Irish symbol system and is not based on any of the traditional systems such as the Western, Chinese, or Vedic/Indian astrological systems.

Chinese Astrology - Is Happiness Measured On A Weighing Scale?
Everyone seek happiness in life. Find out how you can live a happy and comfortable life based on Chinese Astrology. The secret lies in your elements...

Astrology - The First Science
For as long as people have been looking towards the heavens, we have strived to understand our place in the universe. Astrology, helps us to connect out souls to the movement of the heavens & celestial rhythms. Although many may argue this point, Astrology could very well have been the first science.

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