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When the Moon and lord of the ascendant shall be impedited by the lord of the 8th, the sick person hath cause to fear. - William Lilly (1602.-1681.)

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Astrology In Practice - History of Astrology
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Astrology in Practice

Astrology In Practice is new incarnation of our well known site
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Aristotle, Ptolemy, Ficino, Galileo, Brahe, Kepler, and Carl Jung all practiced astrology. Jung, who used astrology extensively in his psychoanalytic practice, wrote, "I do not hesitate to take the synchronistic phenomena that underlie astrology seriously," while contemporary psychologist James Hillman agrees that "Astrology provides the best descriptions of character qualities. More than any other field, astrology gives background for the psychology of personality."

Casting A Horoscope


Casting a horoscope is ancient and noble art. Most of scientists from antiquity and middle ages to our time were actively involved, earning for their living in world of astrological exploration, calculation and delineation, a world that gave birth to infinite areas of human knowledge.

Developing online chart involved a team of experts, astrologers and programmers, who have spent the years of studying and developing computer programs according to the ancient astrological knowledge and complex astronomical calculations. The result of all this lies in front of you: your "natal horoscope".

Natal Chart


We observe personality as an "image" of the combined influence of planets and constellations to positions on Earth at the moment of your birth. This "image" is unique, unrepeatable, it belongs solely to you, and its interpretation - that's you.

Reading page of your "natal horoscope" you will find interpretations of the most important areas in your life. You will find included the complete result of astrological calculation for those who have advanced knowledge of astrology.

"The soul of the newly born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world, unconsciously remembers it, and remains sensitive to the return of configurations of a similar kind." Kepler, Harmonics Mundi, chapter 7

In this "natal horoscope" as in many others, you may find some seemingly contradictory characteristics. People cannot be completely good or completely bad, and neither are the time conditions and understandings always the same: in some periods they may be better, in others worse, right? In interpreting your "natal horoscope" we have tried to give you some advice, and even if you find things you don't like, trust that it was well meant and think about it - if you don't do anything, you'll be under the influence of stars.

Calculating Chart

"Anything born in the moment of time carries the quality of that moment," Carl Jung (1875-1971), famous Swiss psychologist privately used astrology for over 25 years.

The data of your birth are the basic data which, through complex astrological mathematical formulae give a complete calculation of the position of planets, constellations, houses and the relation of planets. Such calculation is the basis for interpreting the horoscope on the previous pages. If your knowledge of astrology is at a more advanced level, further data will help you make or add to the interpretation of the horoscope. If you don't understand this subject, you can learn about it through astrological literature or courses.

A horoscope is simply a chart of the heavens calculated by the rules of astronomy. It shows positions of the planets and zodiacal signs in relation to the earth. The Earth and planets revolve around the sun at varying rates and their positions relative to the Earth and to one another are constantly changing. Every moment the heavens are different. If a child were born now, while you are reading this, the positions of the planets at this moment will not be duplicated for about twenty-six thousand years, a period which the astronomers call a "Great Sidereal Year". In the meantime the relations of the planets would undergo an infinite number of kaleidoscopic changes; consequently their influence would be different with respect to every individual born in the interval.

"A physician without a knowledge of astrology cannot rightly call himself a physician." Hypocrites, Father of Medicine (460-377 BC).

It is further evident, however, that time is not the same the world over. When the Sun rises at the place where you live, it is setting at another place. When it is morning in your home, it is evening for the people in another part of the world. This makes another difference in the horoscopes of children born at the same moment but in different parts of the world, as you will readily understand when you consider that the Sun's rays affect the Earth differently in the morning, at noon, and at midnight. The planets' places and influence would also differ in the case of children born at the same time but in opposite parts of the world, for if a planet were just above the birthplace of one, its rays would impinge upon that child with unimpeded force, but to reach the other, born in an opposite part, it would be necessary for the stellar ray to travel directly through the Earth as radio waves cross mountains and part of its force would thus be spent by the time it reached the child. Therefore planets under the Earth have less influence on a life than those above. Thus you see that time and place are the basic factors in a horoscope. The more accurately we are able to determine them, the better we shall be able to delineate the character and predict.

In noting the time of birth of children it is advisable to have the clock set as accurately as possible. Mark that the time of birth in the astrological sense is not the moment of delivery but the instant when the infant gives its first cry, for that cry is the completion of its initial breath.

On other pages of this site you'll find a number of your additional characteristics which are connected to the relations within the chart. Some of the characteristics have a stronger and some a weaker influence. In order to define the strength of the influence, a direct contact with the astrologer is needed, and in our case this is left to you, since we assume that you know yourself best of all.

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