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To become wealthy use Jupiter because it has influx and quick response there; besides it means renovation and increase of goods. - Picatrix (Andalusia, ~1000.AD)

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Astrology In Practice - Aspects
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No Symbol Name Degrees Apart
1. Conjunction 0 Difficult or Favourable
2. semi-sextile 30 Favourable
3. semi-square 45 Difficult
4. Sextile 60 Favourable
5. Square 90 Difficult
6. Trine 120 Favourable
7. sesqui-quadrate 135 Difficult
8. quincunx, or inconjunct 150 Difficult
9. Opposition 180 Difficult
10. Parallel 1 - 1/2 Favourable


ASC  Ascedant (1st house cusp)
MC  Medium Coeli or Midheaven (10st house cusp)
DS  Descendant (7st house cusp)
IC  Imum Coeli (4st house cusp)

Power Points

Part of Fortune
Ascending North node (Dragon's Head
Descending South Node (Dragon's Tail)

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