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The truth is that astrology flourishes as never before. There is a regular library of astrological books and magazines that sell for far better than the best scientific works. The Europeans and Americans who have horoscopes cast for them may be counted not by the hundred thousand but by the million. Astrology is a flourishing industry. ... If such a large percentage of the population has an insatiable need for this counter pole to the scientific spirit, we can be sure that the collective psyche in every individual - be he never so scientific - has this psychological requirement in equally high degree. A certain kind of "scientific" scepticism and criticism in our time is nothing but a misplaced compensation of the powerful and deep-rooted superstitious impulses of the collective psyche. - C.G. Jung, Two Essays on Analytical Psychology

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First astrologic program for your Palm organizer available for Palm OS (2.0 and higher)

1. Chart ver. 2.43 - demo
complete with short documentation (Palm OS 2.0+)
zip(103 k)

Short documentation only
zip (45k)

Interpretation builder - building your own interpretation database
Free tool for PC platform for converting csv files into pdb files and unlimited number of different interpretation styles.
Source txt files of interpreter databases supplied in basic configuration. (Win32)
zip (57k)
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Daily Sky

Dividing day in planetary hours is idea that precedes our calendar. This is the program that calculates this division for you (Win32).

zip (62 KB)

Simple disclaimer: This programs are given 'AS IS' in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE;

Free natal horoscope chart with all explanations
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 - Personality
 - Planets in houses
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