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When the request is from the same nature than the ascendant and the dominant star, and is reinforced with a fixed star, one can be sure that it will be obtained easily and the influx will be strengthened. - Picatrix (Andalusia, ~1000.AD)

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Sun-Sign-Opposite Considerations

By Thomas O Donovan

Is it really possible to interpret a Natal Chart without including your Sun-sign-opposite into the analysis? Without your opposite playing a role? And if so, then how big a role? There are many factors that come into play obviously, but how high up can you put the importance of this - up alongside the Sun, the Moon, the Ascendants influence, etc?

Does the sun-sign-opposite give indications how to overcome the limitations of your Sun sign or even strengthen it? There is after all a link between both signs that are opposite in the Zodiac wheel.

Isn't our opposite sign an equal part of ourselves, with both the natal Sun and it's opposite joined together by a kind of umbilical cord, as is the case anyway both zodiacally and chart wise. So why shouldn't it be given more credence in an interpretation of a chart? Why is it ignored almost completely? After all, everything has an opposite. This is especially true for humans too. Is a chart analysis really and truly complete without taking into account, and taking seriously, the sign that occupies the opposite part of the chart where your Sun sits?

How then, if our opposite sign to our Natal Sun is part of ourselves, does its influence manifest itself and its interpretation defined?

Lets take, for example, the Sun in the sign of Cancer and its natural opposite, the sign Capricorn. Some of the typical attributes of Cancer are moodiness, nurturing, emotional, affectionate, etc. Its element is water (ie fluid). Some of the typical attributes of the sign Capricorn are serious-minded, practical, disciplined, etc. And its element is earth (ie solid). The differences are clear. They are opposite. But at the same time they are connected. Should Cancer people be more serious, more practical, etc to feel grounded (earth)? And should Capricorn people be more emotional, be more affectionate, etc to feel more fluid (water)?

It seems that if you look closely enough at someone, or even at at yourself, you'll see that these opposite attributes are already there. They are inherent. In other words your sun-sign-opposite attributes come naturally to you. They are part of both signs on the opposite axis of the Zodiac wheel after all, so why shouldn't they be a part of you?

And what of the houses? If the Sun falls in the 3rd house is its influence felt concerning the matters of the 9th House? Let's take a look. Some of the keywords of the 3rd house are intellect and mental attitudes, communication, short journeys, etc. Whereas some of the attributes of the 9th House are the higher mind, philosophy, religion, long journeys, etc. Once again, there is a clear indication of connectedness through the concept of being opposite. But how do you incorporate this into an interpretation of a natal chart? Well, I'll leave that one up to you. After all, no one knows you better than yourself.

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