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Superiour Planets because they most resist, they do not easily receive a detriment or assistance from the Inferiour Planets. - William Lilly (1602.-1681.)

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Free Will Astrology Gives You Control

By Jeffrey Meier

In doing a search for astrology, the type called Free Will appeared. Curious, I began wondering exactly what is Free Will?

It seems like the basis of it is this: Free Will is what every human has. We have the free will to make decisions and to act on them. They are our choices to make. If we make good choices they give us reason to celebrate and rejoice. If we make wrong decisions, hopefully we can correct them. But the thing is we choose to act or not to act. This is our Free Will. Astrology is the study of the where the planets and the stars are aligned and how they affect our birth charts. When we combined Free Will and Astrology to make this type, it means that that those who are giving the readings and those who are receiving them, understand that the final decisions that we make needs to be ours. We should not make them just on what the stars or planets supposedly say. We should make them because we feel we are making the best informed decisions for us. In essence, we are using our free will to make these decisions.

This type is also based on the belief of Karma. Sometimes this form of it is called Karmic Astrology. It is based on the principals of Karma, not on religion.

Karma is the wonderful plain that many believe we live. This plain is based on how we choose to live our lives and what we put out in the universe. If we put out negativity we will find that negativity will be returned to us. If we put out goodness and openness, we will receive these as well.

Our free will and our karma help to mold what types of people we choose to become. Hopefully, the better energy we send out to the world, the more we will continue to send out this energy.

This type and Karmic Astrology is more than just the twelve signs that are common when one studies astrology. These forms are also based on Planetary Nodes, Quincunx, Water Houses and Planets in Void of Course.

Planetary Nodes are supposed to help us understand the potential we hold. It teaches us about the potential we had in the past, what we have now and how we can possess more in the future.

Quincunx teaches one how to understand his/her zodiac chart more clearly.

There are three water houses that represent our family and our community. They go by the numbers of 4, 8 and 12.

Finally, the Void of Course Planets teaches us when the best time for setting project goals is

This type is a bit more complicated than traditional astrology yet; it gives the user a better sense of self and teaches the user that neither the stars nor the planets are in charge of his/her life, only he/she is. This is why many will say that in Free Will Astrology you are in control.

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