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The Moon is in conflict with those who are ruled by Mars, and Mars is in conflict with those ruled by the Moon. - Picatrix (Andalusia, ~1000.AD)

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Where To Find Astrology

There are a number of sources which can help you gain information about astrology. Expanding your knowledge on astrology means exploring how your relationships, personality and occurrences in your life can correspond to positions of cosmic objects at the time of your birth. This knowledge will show you how to incorporate astrology into your decisions, plans, and your everyday life.

With all similarities main differences between the Western and the Chinese zodiac are that Chinese astrology is based on the lunar year while Western astrology is based on the solar year. In Chinese astrology the primary factor is the year sign, whereas in Western astrology the month sign is main factor.

Astrological zodiac sun sign is best known and most important factor but it is more accurate and more complex if you include into your research field of astrology known as natal astrology. You need to know date, time, and place of your birth as those data made foundation by which astrologers make predictions and analyses regarding one's life, personality, and future.

The easiest to understand and most basic are the daily horoscopes, readily found in most newspapers and magazines. Such horoscopes, however, are based only on one's zodiac sign and are very "generic" and generalized. Even astrologers who write these columns comment that since they are not enough personalized to particular individual, usually it is not likely that actual occurrences will follow in accordance with what you've been led to believe will happen. Books found in supermarkets or other stores of the 'Daily Horoscope' nature, are also based on much to generalized information and are based solely on zodiac sign.

One level above these are "personalized readings". Serious practitioners considered it much more accurate, as such readings are based on own personal information, the location, date, and exact time of birth. These personalized horoscopes usually can be obtained upon request on specialized web sites. After providing your personal details, you will receive your reading in email inbox. Any search engine can provide you with a number of links to the sites where you can put in a request.

Some more advanced sites offer opportunity for personal consultations and readings from professional astrologers. Those astrologers should have accreditation by the American Federation of Astrologers or similar organization in their own country of residence. These organizations provide courses and testing, requiring solid knowledge of setting up astrological charts, interpreting and calculating horoscopes etc. There might be more grades that these organizations are providing. Before consultation you should decide what type of information is needed. Astrologers often specialize in specific areas, such as relationships, finances, etc.

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