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Mars of a nativity, and not joined to good planets, signifieth the native to suffer by envy and hatred. - William Lilly (1602.-1681.)

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There are many ways that astrology is practiced in different parts of the world. There are parts of the world where the study of all of the "stars" is used. It includes the moon, the sun and the planets. Over the last several decades US is inclined mostly toward use of sun signs. Horoscopes can be found in virtually all different media. In other parts of the world, such as China, only the moon cycles are used in astrology studies.

Views on astrology can be very different across the world. In US Astrology is a very controversial subject. There are people who think that astrology is only entertainment and fake while others consider it completely reliable and real. Some even think that astrology is the work of the devil.

Most people that regard it as entertainment are religiously reading their horoscopes every week, just to see if it will be right or not. Sometimes astrology is used to decide the best time for a wedding or some other events. Some Americans disregard astrology all together, and give the art little or no thought whatsoever.

In other parts of the world, astrology is viewed quite differently. In India and China it is used on a daily basis, determining activities that should be pursued each day. Some moon cycles are found to be best for one types of activities or decisions and some for the other. In similar way farmers once used the cycles of the moon to determine the best time to plant or harvest. This concept is taken from the fields and implanted into everyday life.

Astrology is also seen differently according many religious traditions. It is a large part of religious life in the Eastern world. Paganism, a word that describes different "occult" religions like as Druidism, Cabala, and the Wicca oriented religion also embrace astrology as a part of their religious life. Religions like these are found in America and throughout Western Europe.

These religions routinely use astrology in every day decision making processes. Times of "power" or celebration are determined using astrology. Wiccan and Druidic rites are mostly based on various astrological phenomena, such as the phases of the moon. Practitioners of Alister Crowley's Golden Dawn, cabalistic magicians, are also using astrology to determine the best time for rites and rituals.

Some Christian groups embrace astrology while the others fail to regard the study of the skies entirely in their teachings. There are denominations of Christianity and Judaism that view astrology as evil, or the work of the devil. Many scriptures in both the old and new testaments of the bible are warning against the study of the stars and divination while some other scriptures in the bible refer to watching the stars and the skies for signs of the first and second comings of Jesus Christ. Due to these scriptures, some are inclined to believe that divination using astrology is against the will of God, but the actual study of the stars is a good thing.

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