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The Short Interpretations of the Twenty-eight Lunar Mansions

Simultaneous evolution of Astrology in different countries has given rise to very evident differences in viewpoint. This fenomenon is encountered in the field of every science. It will not be surprising that the boundaries of the Lunar Mansions are not always the same in every traditions. Generally accepted number of twenty-eight days for revolution of the Moon, some parts of India and sometimes ancient Egypt count as twenty-seven, while some Arab tribes sometimes take twenty-nine.
Sidereal revolution of the Moon in relation to the Zodiac takes twenty-seven days, seven hours and forty-three minute and revolution in relation to the Sun takes twenty-nine days, twelve hours and forty-four minutes.
Whatever the bases for the different systems of the Lunar Zodiac we prefer regular divisions whose traces are found in all traditions, even in the Chinese tradition.
The interpretations of the position of the Moon in each of these twenty-eight mansions may be summarized in the following manner
This account does not pretend to be complete since the documents dealing with lunar system are too scattered to assemble them all. Much further investigation is needed.

Mansion I from 0º 0' to 12º 51' 26" Aries - Almach
ardent imagination, taste for occult sciences, and many changes in employment throughout the lifetime. Solar house where this Mansion falls offers the possibility of greater precision of interpretations.

Mansion II from 12º 51' 27" to 25º 42' 52" Aries - Albothaim
It gives courage, but also recklessness and indicates the will and energy to direct one's own life by ambition, by thought and not by feelings. Inconstant and variable wealth.

Mansion III from 25º 42' 53" Aries to 8º 34' 18" Taurus - Ascoria
Its influence accentuates the power of feelings and determination, and confers a great capacity for work.

Mansion IV from 8º 34' 19" to 21º 25' 44" Taurus - Aldebaran
This Mansion signifies a great deal of diplomacy and predicts violent feelings and irresistible passions under the appearance of good nature, especially if the native is sensual.

Mansion V from 21º 25' 45" Taurus to 4º 17' 10" Gemini - Aluxer
Favorable to development of talents and aptitudes, since it signifies a well endowed and artistic nature. Influence is clearly favorable for travel and change of residence.

Mansion VI from 4º 17' 11" to 17º 8' 36" Gemini - Athaia
Sign of providential protection throughout life. This part of heavens is connected with providence.

Mansion VII from 17º 8' 37" Gemini to 0º 0' Cancer - Aldyaras
Mansion of scholars. Influence is exercised especially on the mental and intuitive plan.

Mansion VIII from 0º 0' to 12º 51' 26" Cancer - Amathura
Influence is especially favorable as regards thew family since it gives a profound attachment to the family and love of all children.

Mansion IX from 12º 51' 27" to 25º 42' 52" Cancer - Atars
Imparts sort of romanticism that has a marked effect on actions.

Mansion X from 25º 42' 53" Cancer to 8º 34' 18" Leo - Alzezal
Indicates a mixture of kindness and calculation

Mansion XI from 8º 34' 19" to 21º 25' 44" Leo - Azobre
It gives idealism or very refined tastes, but indicates vacillating fortune

Mansion XII from 21º 25' 45" Leo to 4º 17' 10" Virgo - Atorsiana
Associated with invisible world and with social ideas. Encourages study but brings too much versatility.

Mansion XIII from 4º 17' 11" to 17º 8' 36" Virgo - Alalma
Indicates cleverness in handling of money and increases financial skills

Mansion XIV from 17º 8' 37" Virgo to 0º 0' Libra - Achmech
Increases prudence and the ability to analyze, and promotes divinatory studies and experiments (clairvoyance, tarot etc.)

Mansion XV from 0º 0' to 12º 51' 26" Libra - Algaphia
Unfavorable for familial and other relationships except for treasure hunt and discovery of hostile schemes.

Mansion XVI from 12º 51' 27" to 25º 42' 52" Libra - Alcibene
Signals danger for reputation and station in life coming from vindictive and jealous person. The aspects received by the Moon and the whole of the astrological chart always make it possible to determine this danger.

Mansion XVII from 25º 42' 53" Libra to 8º 34' 18" Scorpio - Archil
Favorable for marriage and achieving responsible positions.

Mansion XVIII from 8º 34' 19" to 21º 25' 44" Scorpio - Alchalb
Causes discord, sedition and conspiracies. Unfavorable for the family.

Mansion XIX from 21º 25' 45" Scorpio to 4º 17' 10" Sagittarius - Azarala
Favorable for personal ideas but unfavorable for commerce and fixity of residence

Mansion XX from 4º 17' 11" to 17º 8' 36" Sagittarius - Nahaim
It promotes eloquence and writings. Better in free liaison then in marriage.

Mansion XXI from 17º 8' 37" Sagittarius to 0º 0' Capricorn - Albelda
Makes native imprudent, susceptible and flighty. Promotes travel and earnings.

Mansion XXII from 0º 0' to 12º 51' 26" Capricorn - Caaldalbala
Mansion of personal power. Unfavorable influence on marriage and on loans of money. It permits one to escape frequently the consequences of one's actions.

Mansion XXIII from 12º 51' 27" to 25º 42' 52" Capricorn - Caaldebolach
Favorable influence for doctors, soldiers and politicians but unfavorable for marriage, children and contracts.

Mansion XXVI from 25º 42' 53" Capricorn to 8º 34' 18" Aquarius - Zaaldodothot
Eventful and ultimately unhappy career. Favorable for marriage, plans, enterprises and friendships.

Mansion XXV from 8º 34' 19" to 21º 25' 44" Aquarius - Caaldabachia
Curiosity for the sciences, favorable to discoveries and studies of sciences.

Mansion XXVI from 21º 25' 45" Aquarius to 4º 17' 10" Pisces - Algafarmuth
Favorable for marriage, agriculture, buying and selling. Unfavorable for ocean voyages.

Mansion XXVII from 4º 17' 11" to 17º 8' 36" Pisces - Algarfermuth
Facilitates everything having to do with psychism, clairvoyance and spiritism. Love of the outdoors and bad luck with money and incompetence in managing it.

Mansion XXVIII from 17º 8' 37" Pisces to 0º 0' Aries - Anaxhe
Externally life of struggle, internally tranquility and gentle nature.

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