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The swift and various motions of the Planets are to be considered, as also their slowness, because when they vary, the accidents of the Aspects do alter. - William Lilly (1602.-1681.)

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How Astrology Can Help You In Your Life

Astrology is much more than an entertainment. Most people at first develop an interest in astrology because they only wish to know about their own future, what they can expect in the days ahead. This surely is one of the more interesting aspects of astrology, but it becomes even better when you find out that information presented to you in your readings are not unchangeable fact, but more resembles a map which, with time and experience you can learn to navigate. Readings will tell you what is likely to occur but it is your responses to each set of circumstances in your everyday life which will determine the ultimate outcome. Knowing "possible future" in advance helps you in your daily decisions and choices.

Astrology can also help you in many areas of your life and many situations you can find yourself, confronted with questions, dilemmas, and difficulties in everyday life. If you have either specific problems or merely general, basic concerns, insight astrology provides helps you finding answers you may be looking for.

Many people are consulting astrology about relationships they are involved looking for information and advice. If you are in a long term, committed relationship, such as marriage, astrology can help you understand your mate, and improve your mutual communication. When you are considering a person as a "potential", astrology will help you to determine whether you and your special person are compatible. Astrology can also show you what kind of person would be best for you and what type of person you are looking for.

Whether you prefer your daily newspaper's horoscopes or you are consulting a professional astrologer, astrology will give you a clearer view into the workings of your own personality. While it may sound impossible, that being born under a certain sign points toward specific personality traits and characteristics, after a bit of investigating, you may be surprised at how accurate your own sign describes you! In addition, when confronted with this information, you have the opportunity to decide which traits and characteristics you wish to affect to some degree or change upon. Considering all of the positive aspects of your personality, you can focus on them and make choices for such factors as what type of career can be best for you.

Astrology is also handy when it comes to your relationships to other people. Knowing the personality characteristics of your own sign, and following its relations with the traits of others, you can achieve a better insight into the dynamics of interacting. Interactions between person's sign-determined personality traits can help you to understand your family members, co-workers, and others relations in your daily life. It will show you each person's strengths and help you avoid possible confrontations, improving your relationships and communication.

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